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By Austin Purinton | August 29, 2017 | Maple Info


From all of us at Purinton Maple, we welcome you to our website! Please try our delicious all natural maple products. Peter and Carla Purinton own Purinton Maple, with operation by their four children Jennifer Purinton-Randall, Brittany Purinton, Cody Purinton and Austin Purinton. With three up and coming grandsons, Caiden, William, and Landon.

We pride ourselves on protecting our trees and maple forests to help sustain maple farming for many generations. Using a forest management plan, we sustainably harvest firewood to boil our maple sap. We boil our sap on a wood-fired evaporator, heating the maple sap to the desired temperature to create an enhanced maple flavor that we hope you enjoy!

Generations of Farming


The Purinton Family has worked in the Vermont farmland since 1803. Dairy farming was our full-time job while sugaring continued to be a springtime hobby. Tapping maple trees to make maple sugar was a laborious job come springtime. Our Purinton ancestors would use a hand drill to tap holes in sugar maple trees. They would tap the spout in the hole using a hammer and hang a bucket on the spout. As the temperature would rise above freezing the sap would start running and the buckets would begin to fill. Our ancestors and their workhorses would spend entire days in the spring gathering up sap. The sap would be pulled back to the sugar houses where it was boiled for hours on end over a wood-fired evaporator. When most of the water was boiled out of the sap, it was the fine product we call maple syrup. With unreliable refrigeration back then, the maple syrup would then be cooked and stirred until it was granulated maple sugar.


Modern Maple Farming


In 1979, Peter Purinton formed Purinton Maple making it his full-time business. He turned the 14,000 sap buckets operation to a new wave tubing system increasing maple sap yields. Today, we boil from 17,000 maple taps. In 1981, Peter Purinton took on the use of using state of the art reverse osmosis technology. The reverse osmosis machine removes water from the sap to reduce the boiling time and cut firewood consumption by 90%!


What’s New This Year?


Purinton Maple is expanding and creating a new operations building to keep up with growing demand. Since 1984, we’ve packed our maple products in the cellar of the family home. Now we are starting to put together a steel building to pack, store, and sell our maple products. Stay tuned to see the progress of our building on our Facebook and Instagram pages (@purintonmaple).

Purinton Maple makes a variety of maple products that go well with any meal at any time of the day. These delicious maple products are sure to sweeten you up!