Multiple Inlet “Star” Fitting


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These star style mainline entrance fittings allow syrup producers the opportunity to bring 1-6 5/16″ lateral tubing lines into a single port in the plastic mainline tubing or black plastic water pipe.  The star fitting has a 1/2″ male thread on the bottom to be threaded into either the combination reducing tees that have standard water pipe size hose barbs on the two sides, or a combination reducing elbow with one standard water pipe size hose barb side, and a 1/2″ female threaded port on top of both.  Each fitting is sold separately and assembled as needed.  The base elbows and tees feature aggressive hose barbs available in a variety of sizes, that once clamped with a hose clamp, lock on for a leak free hold.  thread tap should be used on the star fittings before they are threaded into the bases.  These fittings are commonly used to build sap ladders in a maple sap tubing system that uses vacuum.

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Mainline Star Fitting

3 way, 4 way, 6 way