Maple Box Specials


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Product Description

The maple box specials were created to maximize the entire space of the shipping box. This is wonderful because you can get more syrup at a low price! 

Only items that can be added to the box specials: 1 oz maple candy, 2 oz maple candy, 2 oz bag maple drop hard candies, 1 oz maple rub, 1 oz maple rub with garlic, 1 oz maple cinnamon sugar  

Additional information

Box Maple Specials

10 Half Pints, 12 Pint Special, 16 Half Pints, 8 Pint Special

Maple Syrup Grade

Amber with Rich Taste, Dark with Robust Taste, Golden with Delicate Taste, Half Amber Rich Half Dark Robust, Half Golden Delicate Half Amber Rich, Half Golden Delicate Half Dark Robust, Mix of All 3 Grades, Very Dark with Strong Taste