Maple Sugaring Equipment

Are you interested in tapping maple trees and making maple syrup?

Since 1990, Purinton Maple has partnered with Leader Evaporator distributing maple equipment & supplies. Over the years we have become dealers of:

As a fully stocked maple equipment supplier, we can help with every part of your maple business. From tapping the tree, boiling the sap, filtering syrup, and packing syrup Purinton Maple has it all!

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Vacuum Pump & Releaser Combo Deals

Woods supplies available at Purinton Maple…

Sugarhouse supplies available at Purinton Maple…

Packing supplies available at Purinton Maple…

Are you looking to increase profit by making other maple products? We have the machines and supplies available for making maple confections!

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If your interested or have a question please leave us an e-mail or call us at (802) 434-4385